Business Partners

Kantoor in Rotterdam (Office in Rotterdam)

Kantoor  In Rotterdam offers a unique service: Postal address In Rotterdam, we scan your mail and/or invoices and send them digitally to your mailbox every day. No matter where you are, your mail always goes directly to the right person.

The appearance of your company becomes even more professional with an Office Address In Rotterdam. We also offer the solution to companies that want to expand to the Rotterdam region! A representative Office address with additional services. All facilities of a private office for a fraction of the cost of owning your own business premises.

Kantoor in Rotterdam has “full service” meeting rooms and speaking rooms with highspeed internet. This meeting location is exclusively available for entrepreneurs and companies that have the Office in Rotterdam as their business address.

SAM Payrol

SAM Payroll works with a reliable and fully web-based salary processing program. In addition to payroll administration, the program has a functional HRM module with up-to-date management information. The program is optimally secured and accessible everywhere.

With SAM Payroll it is also possible to enter into optimal cooperation in the field of payroll administration with employers and accountancy firms that want to outsource the entire payroll administration. SAM Salaris can also be used for (temporary) support.


SRA is a network organisation of 375 independent accountancy firms with 900 branches in the Netherlands. There are 20,000 professionals working in the accountancy, tax and legal fields. More than 50% of small and medium-sized enterprises are customers of an SRA office.


The Dutch Professional Association of Accountants (NBA) is the organisation established by law that is responsible, among other things, for promoting the good professional practice of its members (chartered accountants and Accountants-Administratieconsulenten).

International Association of Professional Advisers (IAPA)

IAPA is a world-wide organization of independent professional advisors in accountancy, taxation law and consultancy.

Register tax advisors (RB)

The Register of Tax Advisors (RB) represents the interests of more than 7,500 tax advisors.